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Since 2003, Gagatree founders,
Lester Lim and Yang  
(IG: Lesdoublewood) and IG: Yangterday

has designed award-winning paper products,
Winter Garden Series that are available in most art shops and museum shops globally
including MOMA, NYC.


In 2019, Lester developed a series of character
art toys named Jelilo. The latter was sold out
within 4 days of launch.

In the new metaverse,
Gagatree will make the first NFT Jelilo drop.


JELILO U71 Old Guard NFT

While the major Jelilo troops were out exploring for food and new living space,
most of the Jelilo territory had already been conquered by the cyclone army.

The corporation of an undersea mafia cyclone unit was very active lately
and hunted down every Jelilo hiding Spot.


There was a sudden attack by the cyclone army - Turbo Tuks (Turtle).
500 of the experienced Jelilo U71 Old Guards were totally outnumbered
by the1000 Turtle army troops. In the end, only 132 Jelilo U71 Old Guards
were left holding the fort. 15 Jelilo U71 Old guards were able to switch
their armour into stealth mode, swam into the enemy line to create a massive distractive attack, while the rest of the old guards were holding the defending line.

The old guards have a motto, "Together we live, together we die”.

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