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Our past products at Gagatree were crafted with passion, injecting a dose of quirkiness and novelty to enhance the vibrancy of life through design. Here's a glimpse of a few—you might recognize them from somewhere. Spanning from 2003 to 2008.


Introducing Robocard – a standing tall at 56cm. Crafted from corrugated board, it's delivered in a flat pack. The cavity is designed to hold 15 CDs, exuding a nostalgic retro tin robot vibe.



Introducing the Winter Garden Greeting Card, designed by Yang. The New York MoMA has purchased our creation for sale at their store. This magical flower unfolds from a flat pack inside an envelope, with a total of six designs available.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 1.02.45 PM.png


The Lazy Milk Pack, a lunch pouch, is a creation by Yang, meticulously designed and hand-sewn from scratch before being sent to the factory for mass production. The triangular shape of the milk pack is intended to evoke the nostalgic look of 1980s triangle milk packaging.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 1.05.41 PM.png


The Ducky series is a perfect match that sparked the inception of the Gagatree brand. It all began when we struggled to find a suitable wedding gift for a friend. Resorting to creativity, we handmade a cushion cover, packed it in a large matchbox, and named it "Perfect Match." Thanks to the overwhelming love and demand from many, it evolved into a range of merchandise.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 1.16.02 PM.png

BIG Shot

The Big Shot series draws inspiration from Cantonese, where "Big Shot" resonates with the affectionate terms for big brother and big sister. Our initial product, a car sign, garnered positive feedback, especially in Hong Kong where it sold exceptionally well. Encouraged by this success, we expanded the series to include more merchandise.

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