Beneath the ocean's waves, past the sunlit, teeming waters near the surface, down to a place where the pressure would crush a human, lives a bloom of jellyfishes – Jelilo, who were always bullied by mysterious sea creatures.


The mysterious attacks have deprived the Jelilo tribe of having the freedom to explore the ocean. However, on one of the rare days when they were out hunting for food, a huge pile of discarded military suits was discovered. Since jellyfish are made up of 95% water, it was not difficult for them to fit into the suits.

To their amusement, it was operating in perfect conditions and they were ready to take down the mysterious creatures!


Collaboration between ZCWorld and gagatree
⁣Manufactured by ZCWorld

F55 Squadron: Jelilo

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  •  •Material : Vinyl

    • Size: 14cm (H)

    • Est Shipped : Mid April 2020

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